5 Top Remedies for TMJ

TMJ disorder, officially called a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, can be painful in addition to causing oral problems. Many patients experience headaches, tenderness in the jaw, popping or clicking sounds when the jaw is opened or closed, and pain in the face, neck, teeth, shoulder, ears and of course, the jaw.

In addition to more extensive treatments that your dentist can provide, there are a few more things you can do at home to relieve pain from TMJ. Here are the top remedies for TMJ discomfort…

  1. Relax. It is widely known that high levels of stress can cause or aggravate TMJ symptoms and pain. So by relaxing, you can help to reduce your discomfort. Use techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, massage treatments, and anything else that helps you to feel relaxed.
  2. Heat and Cool. Any kind of pain that is a result of inflammation (like most of the discomfort from TMJ disorder is) can be relieved by way of heating or cooling the pain area. Heat can help your muscles to relax, and icing also reduces pain, so heat and/or ice the affected areas to help treat the pain.
  3. Massage. Part of the pain that results from TMJ disorder can come from tight muscles in the jaw joint areas. One way to reduce this is to massage the joints (they are just in front of your ears).
  4. Exercise. Tight jaw muscles can be loosened by way of exercise to help relieve pain. Click here for six easy exercises you can try to keep your jaw muscles loose.
  5. Supplement. There are several herbal treatments that can help to reduce pain and help treat the symptoms of TMJ disorder. Some of the most common are Rhus Toxicodendron (loosens the jaw), Valerian officinalis and Magnesia Phosphorica (to relax muscles), Kava (relaxes the nervous system), Kali Phosphorica (reduces nerve pain) and Methylsulfonylmethane (to treat inflammation and alleviate muscular spasms).

Beyond these remedies, your dentist is skilled at applying other methods to treat and relieve the pain caused by TMJ disorder. Contact us at Mimi Smiles to schedule your next appointment.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.

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