Why Dental Care is Critical for Your Child’s Overall Health

As a parent, you know how important regular doctor’s check-ups, immunizations, and a healthy diet are for your child. In addition, preventative dental care and cleanings are extremely critical for your child’s health overall. Common Results of Poor Care Bacteria and decay can cause more than just tender gums and cavities – they can result in infections and...
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5 Top Remedies for TMJ

TMJ disorder, officially called a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, can be painful in addition to causing oral problems. Many patients experience headaches, tenderness in the jaw, popping or clicking sounds when the jaw is opened or closed, and pain in the face, neck, teeth, shoulder, ears and of course, the jaw. In addition to...
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Maintaining Your Teeth After Braces

Congratulations! You have completed many long months of wearing braces, and they’re finally coming off. Although it may be tempting to see this as the end of your teeth-straightening treatment, it’s actually just getting started. However, maintaining your teeth after braces is easier than you think, as long as you take care of your teeth...
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