Don’t Waste Your Money on Home Kits for Teeth Whitening

The cost of professional whitening with a dentist may be intimidating for some people, and a cheaper home kit may be more appealing. There are dozens of home whitening kits, from strips to trays with gel. But these do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits may not be as cost-effective as you think. In fact, home kits for teeth whitening may be a complete waste of your money.

  • Home kits require you to buy and buy again. You may find that your teeth are whiter and brighter after you complete treatment with a box of teeth whitening strips purchased from the drugstore. However, six months later you’ll need to purchase another box to whiten your teeth again. Teeth whitening treatments are never permanent, but the repeated cost can be expensive over time. It’s far less expensive to use a lifetime whitening program like ours to get and keep your teeth whiter.
  • A lack of expertise may diminish results. Your family dentist is highly trained to understand and treat your teeth and gums for optimal oral health. He/she knows the best way to treat your teeth for the best results and for the best long-term care. Since you probably are not an expert on whitening, you may use a home kit incorrectly, which could cause less than satisfactory results. Not only that, but some stains cannot be removed with the level of treatment that home kits provide, and require professional whitening.
  • There are potential health risks to whitening at home. If you whiten your teeth too much or too often, your teeth could become translucent (see-through) or have uncomfortable and/or unsafe sensitivity. Since home kits are usually used without correlation to a professional dental check-up or cleaning, you may have cavities that teeth whitening can aggravate with discomfort. Additionally, if you consume the wrong food or beverages too soon after whitening with a home kit, you may cause staining. When it involves your oral health, you should rely on the knowledge of a skilled dental professional to keep your teeth healthy.

Trust your dentist for the best results with teeth whitening. The cost is not much higher than the price of home kits, but the outcome and future health of your teeth and gums will be far better. And with the support of your dentist, such as with our Whitening for Life program, you can be confident in beautiful teeth for the rest of your life! Click here to schedule a free consultation with Mimi Smiles to discuss your teeth whitening treatment.

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