Why It’s Important to Stay Up-To-Date on Dental Check-Ups

For some people, it can seem like an unnecessary hassle to go to the dentist for a check-up every six months. But it’s very important for your sustained oral health to stay up-to-date on dental check-ups.

The most critical reason for scheduling consistent dental exams twice each year is to allow your dentist an opportunity to care for your teeth to a greater extent than your daily brushing. Additionally, regular check-ups allow your dentist a chance to uncover any dental problems early, which is when they are the most easy to treat.

While it may seem like your dentist is just doing a nice deep-clean, there’s a lot more to your dental check-ups! A lot of what the dentist does is preventative maintenance to keep periodontal disease and tooth decay away. There’s only so much plaque that you can keep off with daily flossing and brushing – your dentist scrapes away the harder stuff before it causes disease or decay.

Part of the dentist’s time in your twice-yearly dental check-ups is spent on evaluating your risk for developing oral health issues. Your dentist doesn’t just clean and do preventative maintenance on your teeth and gums – she also does this analysis so that she can inform you of ways to adjust your daily dental routine to better prevent against future problems. Diet, technique, and

Staying on top of your twice-annual trips to the dentist can also save you lots of money and hassle. While you may think that skipping an appointment saves money, doing so may put your oral health at risk, since that check-up could have revealed a developing problem. When you finally do go back to the dentist, the problem may be much worse, which likely means more hassle and a higher cost to fix the problem.

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