Maintaining Your Teeth After Braces

Congratulations! You have completed many long months of wearing braces, and they’re finally coming off. Although it may be tempting to see this as the end of your teeth-straightening treatment, it’s actually just getting started. However, maintaining your teeth after braces is easier than you think, as long as you take care of your teeth and follow the rules.

Here are the three most important ways you can maintain straight and healthy teeth after braces…

Your retainer is an important follow-up! After metal braces are removed, and sometimes after clear teeth-straightening treatments (such as Invisalignâ) have done their work, a retainer is prescribed to help keep your newly-straightened teeth in place. Since braces use pressure to push teeth into place, once that pressure is removed, your teeth will want to move back to their original positions. A retainer worn at night (and sometimes during the day initially after treatment) will help to maintain straight teeth.

Take good care of your teeth. This is important regardless of whether you had braces or Invisalignâ. Brush and floss carefully and at least twice a day, visit your dentist for a cleaning and check-up every six months, and make sure cavities are addressed as early as possible. If you lose a tooth due to decay, your teeth could shift and waste the time, money and hassle you spent on straightening treatments.

Follow your dentist’s instructions. While they may sometimes seem unnecessary, the maintenance instructions provided by your dentist are very important! You should follow them carefully to keep your teeth straight and healthy.

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