Teeth Whitening

Come experience the benefits of a professional teeth whitening service!

We currently offer Take-Home Whitening Trays, using the Perfecta™ Rev Whitening System.  This proven system offers maximum results in a minimal amount of time.

This is a simple process where we take impressions of your teeth, make custom models of your teeth and then create whitening trays just for you.  Just two short visits.  You wear the Rev Whitening solution in your custom trays for about 15 -20 minutes per day, in the privacy of your home.  Then, rinse with a special  solution to help minimize any tooth sensitivity you may experience.  We recommend that you use the trays every day or every other day for one-two weeks to maximize your brightness.

A bright smile can take years off your appearance.  If Veneers are not currently an option for you, the Rev Whitening system is a great affordable option that works well for most people.

Call today to find out if the Rev Whitening System is an option for you!